Created: 07-09-2020 16:09


According to the recent news, TikTok is planning on introducing the way to buy influencer’s merch directly through the app.

The feature was developed jointly by TikTok and Teespring and will allow popular community members to sell their merchandise right from the app.


There are no release dates but the in-app payments are expected to be out soon. You can sing up for the newsletter to be informed as soon as the new feature is in the app. According to the rumors, the partnership will commence in late September 2020, although these are just rumors – the truth isn’t too far away.

In the recent interview for The Verge, the CEO of Teespring has shared some details about a new partnership with the Chinese social media platform: “It will allow users to design their merch via Teespring and announce it via TikTok, while the audience will be given a possibility to purchase those goods straight through the app”

A lot of details of this new integration are to be disclosed later but there is no doubt that in-app payments will be introduced fairly soon. It is a safe guess to assume that TikTok is planning on introducing and expanding new ways to make in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, some questions are yet to be answered by the developers, for example: how will it look like to a regular user? How big should the influencer become to be eligible to have his own merch store?

In general, anyone can design and retail their merchandise via Teespring, nevertheless it seems like doing this through TikTok might be somewhat exclusive.


What is Teespring?

Teespring is an online resource that allows people all over the world to easily create and sell merchandise. It is vastly used by influencers and creators from all the popular platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, and others. The platform is already offering on-site purchases on Twitch and Youtube.

The company makes it possible for people to design and vend their merch absolutely risk-free. Everything is made-to-order so you evade wasting money by printing out some t-shirts and then never selling them. All the items are even shipped from Teespring’s warehouse, which greatly recuses the creator’s headache about the logistics of the delivery. A creator only has to pay some service’s fees after his items are sold.

Actually, a lot of Tiktokes have been selling their merch via Teespring for a while now, thus the collaboration with the Chinese social medial platform seems absolutely natural. 

Don’t let the company name confuse you, it’s not all about T-shirts, they produce and sell a lot of goods that are included but not limited to Phone cases, Mugs, Clothing, Accessories, Decor, etc.

Teesping CEO, Chris Lamontagne also mentions that TikTok influencers will be able to offer their audience something truly unique and out of the box. They will be given the freedom to customize and sell about two hundred different products. The decision to widen the Teesprings area of influence apart from clothing is a genuinely good idea as according to the newest researches. Only in the next year, the amount of sold non-apparel merch will overpass the amount of the apparel one.

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