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Tiktok is changing the world's political technologies

Today, no one is surprised by political advertising on popular streaming services, popular social media resources and television. However, no one could have thought that TikTok would become one of them!

However, the site received a political character in a far from classical way. Everyone knows the opinion of the President of the United States Donald Trump about TikTok platform.

This last month defines a new position regarding the site, but in connection with the latest updates, a kind of ray of hope has shone for hundreds of thousands of American users. But you already know about it. Today, the topic of discussion was the debate of the two political giants of America - Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

 After the sacramental clash, all social networks were instantly torn apart by the massiveness of the news feed, which also affected TikTok. The user groups that usually support both candidates had their own channels where they published content on narrow topics, with rather satirical statements or sharp jokes of the political "antagonist".

 The Conservative Hype House, a group account for a number of right-wing content creators, has been posting videos featuring an identifying code assigned by the official Trump campaign - "CHH" - that allows users to join its text-alert service. 

This channel has a fairly large audience, the number of subscribers has long exceeded the number of a million, now their number has increased by half and is one and a half million people. The number is pretty impressive isn't it? Looking at Joe Biden's fan base, we can't say the same, but his followers are slowly but surely expanding. Most experts are inclined to believe that this factor will not particularly affect the election results, and most of the changes in the exit poll will be regulated by the competent distribution of advertising resources on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

 These sites have long been known for actively promoting and making a profit in the political arena, and it is no secret to anyone that this is an integral part of the political process and users have long been accustomed to this. Experts say that most of the residents of the United States have already decided on their favorite. However, the influence of TikTok has not yet been fully investigated by both political scientists and sociologists. Consequently, it is impossible to assert that such advertising does not affect the voting results in any way. Tiktok's audience is predominantly composed of young boys and girls who don't really care about the political factor in their lives. But it is precisely this latency that can be used in the future by specialists, and who knows, a whole professional niche "Tiktok media marketing" can be formed, which will target exclusively the young part of the population through "viral" videos and political memes.

Less transparent


A well-known scientist from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue named Ciaran O'Connor argues that advertising clearly marked as political is often found in the vastness of popular social media that do not prohibit or regulate the amount of political advertising on their resources, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She also argued that such advertising can be a legitimate, effective tool to engage new audiences, particularly younger voters ".

However, the situation with Tiktok is more complicated, the site openly adheres to a strict position regarding direct political advertising, and such a statement is directly supported by the terms of use of the resource.

But it is worth noting that this does not particularly hinder some specialists or perhaps just fans from promoting candidates they sympathize with. Such processes undoubtedly bypass the general regulations of TikTok, but at the same time they are presented as classic TikTok content that corresponds to the trends and views of users.

"It's not clear what the nature of the relationship is between the Conservative Hype House and the president's campaign," he says.

And it is precisely this kind of unknown that attracts the interest of both professional political scientists and ordinary users. Of course, everyone understands that this group of people are supporters, but whether they are a paid part of the political campaign remains unknown. But this is not important, the main thing is that people like the content, and this creates its own "Tiktok biosystem" with its own rules and characteristics.

Political technologies have always been and will be a part of any processes related to public administration. The bottom line is that, like any science, these technologies are also rapidly developing and adapting to the interests of people who will vote. Where will TikTok's influence on politics lead us? I think we'll find out soon.

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