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Nothing brings people together like music. And Tiktok is an excellent platform for fully evaluating this phrase. For the most part, the content found on the platform is more often a production with the music of the "new school". But sometimes incredible events happen that are so unique that it is difficult to imagine them anywhere other than on TikTok. And as it turns out, even a rather old song in combination with creativity and lively emotions can easily go viral and win the hearts of millions.

Actually, that's what happened. Just a User without a huge fan base was able to make his trip to work a trend not only on the TikTok platform, but also on the Internet in general. Nathan Apadaka, who is already known to everyone under the nickname @420doggface208. He was able to make a content cocktail by mixing a skateboard ride, cranberry juice, and good old vibes of the "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

The reason for the popularity of such a trend was the not very pleasant situation that occurred on September 25. When Nathan's car broke down on the way to work. Thus forcing to change sv_y 4-wheel pickup to skateboard. And on a peaceful and warm morning, Idaho native decided to share his mood with the community. He stood on the skateboard, opened a bottle of cranberry juice, played a song he thought was damn authentic, and just turned on the camera. As a result, we got a real morning vibe.

For reference, it should be noted that the song "Dreams" was recorded back in 1977 and its popularity faded long time ago. However, as you can see, all the best sooner or later again comes out to the public. Most young audiences don't even know Fleetwood Mac, or recognize one of their songs, namely "The Chain", which featured in the well-known Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. Considering the furor of these two songs, it is safe to note that the group still has everything ahead, and the memory of their contribution to musical culture will still live on for a very long time.

By watching Nathan roll down the road on his skateboard, people were inspired to grab their bottle of juice and pay homage to the original with their own video. From that point on, the trend that Nathan started continued to gain popularity: creators and celebrities continued to recreate the viral video, spreading positivity with each new performance. With the average daily usage of Dreams in TikTok videos up 1380% since this trend began on September 25, and videos shot by all types of creators from Jimmy Fallon to CEO of the juice production company, it's clear that this trend has found feedback in the author community.

As a result, the fame and emotions of a simple guy Nathan reached the lead singer of FleetWood Mac - Mick Fleetwood. He has noted the author's creativity and shared the emotions of happiness with him, and said without holding back: « It’s been such a wonderful surprise to see that TikTok has been able to bring some joy in challenging times as well as encourage creativity among so many young people. To see our fans or even people just learning about the band embrace Fleetwood Mac has been so inspirational and meaningful to us».

Tiktok is such an amazing platform that unites people, it allows you to fully appreciate the happiness that Nathan experienced and gives you the opportunity to share these bright emotions with the whole world.

The editors highly recommend listening to Dreams and wish you a good week. So grab your skate, cranberry juice, turn on FleetWood Mac in headphones and safely travel to the magical world of good vibes.

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